Haviah Mighty

NCRC Conference

Haviah Mighty will be participating in the NCRC36 this year, hosted by CIVL FM in Abbortsford, BC. That’s right, Haviah Mighty is coming to Vancouver! Her performance will be on the evening of June 7th at Evered Hall (Finnegan’s Pub & Grill – University of the Fraser Valley) at 7:00 PM, as part of the Welcome Social Presented by !Earshot! On June 8th, Haviah Mighty will be participating in two FACTOR panels – the first at 1:15-2:30pm (College/Campus Radio for the Independent Artist) and the second at 4:15-5:45 (Women in Music). Though Haviah departs Thursday night, the event continues on through the weekend! Here’s a copy of the NCRC36 2017 schedule! http://civl.ca/NCRC36/